John A. Lau Saloon
Haunted by the Past ! 
Resident Ghost "Agnes" Wife of John A. Lau
makes her presence known often.
Matt and Melanie Moyer
Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators
Cover of Kathleen Tedsen & Beverlee Rydel's Book
We call her 'Agnes" in rememberance of John's wife which we originally believed died in chid birth. Other stories of here death include a boating accident near Saginaw and the most investigated a death from consumption (TB) in Detroit.
As the Lau went through its revival in 1992, their daughter, Madelyn English, received word and contacted us. 
A short correspondance lasted, but unfortunately before the re-opening and before much could be learned about her family, at a tender age of 92, she past away. (Letters are posted at the front door)
MMPI investigated the Lau on multiple occasions
resulting in unexplainable voices and interesting results.
They invited Kat and Bev to join them during one trip which they were very happy to accept.
The findings were so fascinating
the Saloon was feature as a chapter in their book.
Photo sent in by customer.
Summer of 2015.
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John A. Lau Saloon
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